Who Are We?

The Spoonk Loves Namibia Team

Albert Scheffer


Trained and worked as a teacher in special education. Then studied Pedagogy and Philosophy and worked within local government. From 1993 involved as coordinator town twinning Gobabis-Smallingerland and led all kinds of projects. Analytical and involved.

Gooitsen Eenling


Gooitsen Eenling (69 years old) obtained his Pabo diploma at Mariënburg in Leeuwarden, including a specialization in music. After primary education, Gooitsen Eenling entered the VMBO and the MBO (in Bolsward and Sneek) where he developed the drama profession. He obtained his qualification for that subject after all at the theater school in Amsterdam. Shortly afterwards he was appointed to ROC Friese Poort in Leeuwarden, where he worked as a drama/theatre teacher for 40 years. There he also developed his specialty: putting the natural nature of actors/singers first. Partly under his leadership, the Social Cultural Work Theater program was founded 13 years ago, a program that has made a lot of progress with special projects and idiosyncratic, often poetic performances.

Caro Kroon


SPOONK; is the company name and pseudonym of artist, theatre maker and performer Caro Kroon. Since 2004 she lives and works in Leeuwarden Friesland. She was born in Rotterdam where she  obtained her bachelor’s degree in Fine arts(1994)at the Willem de Kooning Academy and her Masters in Arts & Education (2020) at the Pieter Zwart institute with this project as research topic.

She focuses on socially engaged art and theatre projects, especially for youngsters in Friesland and Namibia.