Plans for the Near Future

In recent years we have been able to make huge strides with the head of the local library, Olivia Ebas. This is how the idea arose to set up the youth theater-art school in collaboration with the library. A place where children from Epako can develop their talents and a place where they not only come into contact with other activities, but where a lot of attention is also paid to the personal development of the children. The lessons are offered free of charge. Auditions are held. Up to 20 children per class can participate. Because the number of stray children in Epako is very high, there is room for at least 5 stray children in each class.

The lessons given to the teachers also remain an important part. Teachers are eager to include the lessons in their curriculum. However, the problems in Epako are such that more time is needed. Until then, the lessons will be offered outside of school.

The project has been halted for the past two years due to the Corona pandemic. In June 2020, Olivia Ebas, the head of the library, died in a car accident. A great loss.

(photo: Theater workbook; written & developed by Caro Kroon during Master Arts & Education 2018-2020)

The Spoonk Loves Namibia Foundation

(photo: 2016 workshops with the children from Epako)

The project is too valuable to let go.There are now 5 new people in the Gobabis-workgroup, again linked to the library, who have indicated their willingness to take up the project in Gobabis and we are coming up with 10 days in February 2023 for a restart of the project that has been stalled for 3 years due to COVID. In mid-October, we will spend a month working with a small group of four teachers and interns in Gobabis to get the project afloat and run a first pilot version towards a theatre and art school in collaboration with the library. We would like to name the school after Olivia Ebas, after all, she was an important pillar in Gobabis’ society.

The group of four consists of Caro Kroon and Gooitsen Eenling for the content component, taking care of the lessons (and didactic additional training for the teachers), and Albert Scheffer and Osman Zafar. Albert Scheffer has been involved in the project and in the construction of the amphitheater from the start. Osman is an engineer and thinks along with a possible reconstruction of the amphitheater.

In February, we plan to enthuse the working group, organise a sponsor concert and create a mural to generate attention for the project. Caro Kroon will team up with musician Reinout Weima and together they will also teach at different schools to raise awareness of the project.

During the first week in October, we will give master classes to teachers, record all locations and prepare the PR. At the end of the week, we will again give presentations at a sponsor evening to generate funds for the project. In October/November 2023, we work in Gobabis for a month. Weekly one day of training for teachers and four days of lessons for children. The development of skills is central. There is no preparation for a performance. There are, however, presentations at the end of the period. An exchange is also being initiated between students from Gobabis and Drachten. In addition, contacts are being renewed and plans for rebuilding the amphitheater in a better location are further elaborated in consultation with the ministries and as a collaborative project with the library.

Project ID

Title projectArts & Theatre School Olivia Ebas
Subtitle projectGo Gobabis
Artistic leadCaro Kroon & Gooitsen Eenling
Project OwnerFoundation SPOONK loves Namibia
ThemesEducation, Tolerance, Durability
Source GroupGemeente Smallingerland,  Gemeente Gobabis
PartnersGemeente Smallingerland, Gemeente Gobabis
Location(s)Gobabis Namibia
Starting date februari 2023/October-November 2023

Objective of the Spoonk Loves Namibia foundation

Realizing and supporting an Arts & Drama School in Gobabis (Namibia) that aims to:

  • Developing and stimulating the talents of (particularly young) residents and contributing to a meaningful life.
  • Supporting and developing the skills and talents of pedagogical workers in schools and pre-schools in order to provide more adequate education.
  • Offering after-school care with a focus on talent development.
  • Realizing cultural expressions in the region with art, dance, music, film and theatre.
  • Strengthening and binding the cultural identity of various groups in the region.
  • Let them come into contact (inspire) with other ‘Arts & Theatre’ from the rest of the country/the world (photography exhibitions, art exhibitions, dance and theater performances, concerts, film, etc.)
  • Creating a ‘creative hub’ in Gobabis and putting it as such on the (inter)national map
  • Realization of a physical center (Amphitheater) in Gobabis
  • The Arts & Drama School can serve as a ‘springboard’ for (local) talent to progress to other art courses elsewhere or abroad.
  • Multi-level future prospects: from personal development to offering scholarships to an x ​​number of talented students.


  • Transfer of knowledge and skills by the SPOONK loves Namibia Foundation appointed teachers and students from NHL-Stenden, Friese Poort, Friesland College (D’Drive) and other experts who can contribute to the objectives.
  • Where possible and necessary fundraising for the realization of the goals.

Result and Effects

  • Enabling young people to develop in various areas and thereby gain a better picture of their own qualities and possibilities.
  • Strengthening and connecting the cultural identity of various groups in the region.
  • Bringing young people into contact with different art forms
  • Inspiring young people and introducing them to other ‘Arts & Theatre’ from the rest of the country/the world (photography exhibitions, art exhibitions, dance and theater performances, concerts, film, etc.)
  • Providing inspiration for teachers to supplement their classes with art and theater and thus use other forms of creativity for the benefit of children’s development.
  • Creating a ‘creative hub’ in Gobabis and putting it as such on the (inter)national map
  • Upskilling, inspiring and supporting teachers in setting up art and drama classes, and integrating the use of typical teaching methods as part of regular classes
  • Strengthen and deepen the collaboration between African artists and education.

Planning of the activities

February to June

  • 10-day working visit by Reinout Weima and Caro Kroon
    grant applications
    project development
    prepare curriculum
    prepare visit to Gobabis
    activate working group Namibia
    mobilise students
  • recruitment/selection students teachers/
    October to November
  • 4 weeks of classes and workshops
    November to December
  • evaluations
    preparation (2nd phase of the project)


The promotion will start in July 2023 with the recruitment and selection of the participating students (children from Epako and homeless children). We work with children/youngsters from 8 to 19 years old.

In addition, teachers can register for the refresher courses in October from September 2022.

We make publicity through social media, radio, flyers, posters and through the various websites of our partners. The Municipality of Gobabis and the various ministries are well informed.

We use the network of the municipalities and our own network / ‘fan’ base and what else we can mobilize in advance.

The Municipality of Gobabis supports this process.

Caro Kroon designs the posters/flyers, costumes and sets with the help of her SPOONK interns.

The material costs are partly included in the budget.

With a fundraiser in 2020 we have arranged the musical instruments that are already partly in Gobabis and some of which we will take with us ourselves.

An extensive evaluation will follow after the first phase. The evaluation is also fed back to the municipality and ministries.

The findings about a new amphitheater to be built are also included.

From 2016 we have been introduced to the young people in schools and the street children and tried to introduce them to ARTS & DRAMA through  short drama lessons, art projects and music, translating stories into raps that are filmed and projected.

In Gobabis, SPOONK will also investigate the interfaces with regard to tolerance and sustainability in society by engaging in (plastic) knitting with the population. In the future we also want to develop this project into a series of performances throughout Namibia.

There are also plans to expand the Arts & Theater schools in all of Omaheke, possibly all of Nambia, as soon as possible.